Stuttering Therapy Clinic

The Stuttering Therapy Clinic offers services to people of all ages for the management of stuttering and fluency disorders.

The Stuttering Treatment Clinic is available anybody with a fluency problem, both adults and children.

What about stuttering, and how can parents help?
Stuttering (sometimes called stammering) is a speech disorder. In stuttering, the normal flow of speech is broken up by repeating or lengthening the sounds, syllables, or words. A person may also have trouble getting a word started. Most kids outgrow stuttering.
Parents can help by: Once in a while, talk about the stuttering in an accepting, encouraging way.
Find out how to communicate with someone who stutters
Talk to your child in a slow, relaxed way.
Take time each day to spend some relaxed, one-on-one time with your child. Follow their lead, and let them be the center of attention.
Take turns speaking in the family, such as at dinner time—make sure family members aren’t competing for time to talk.
Slow the pace of life in the home, especially conversations.
If your child is getting treatment for stuttering, don’t set perfect speech as the goal. Rather, expect treatment to help your child to arrive at more natural speech, with less struggle and work.

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